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Specifically, to [livejournal.com profile] fiannaharpar:

I think Alfred wants puppy TV.
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If Alfred's energy level is any indication this morning, he's doing just fine. He's really doing well with the bandages, in that now he's starting to be a little agitated with them, but isn't chewing or otherwise bothering them. I'm sure by Saturday he'll be ready to have them off and be back to normal. Poor puppy. But he's already mostly back to his normal exuberant self.
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It all started out simply enough: I was dressed for church, [livejournal.com profile] fiannaharpar wasn't going because she wanted to recoup still, and I was herding [livejournal.com profile] lstrobel to get her dressed and ready. Then, the munchkin decided to swing the door to the front room closed just as Alfred wanted to go into said front room. Well, Alfred made it just fine. The tip of his tail, however, didn't.

So, after a second or so of shock, followed by chasing after the dog, we finally got him outside so he didn't bleed over absolutely everything. Jenn was able to get a bandage on his tail after some consternation, and we all packed into the Jeep and headed to the Animal Emergency Room.

Well, they had to anesthetize him to put stitches in his tail. Jenn's picking him up as I type, and overall he should be fine. I don't know if his tail will look the same when it heals, but he at least didn't lose anything more. What a way to start a Sunday. :-/
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...puppy tongue between your toes. That's all.
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Ok, I like this running around in the yard gig. It's fun, and it might even be good for me. Alfred likes it, and pooky likes it too. :-D
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I just napped with Alfred with his little head in my hand, both of us laying on the futon. I think I like this li'l puppy.


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