Oct. 12th, 2008 04:56 pm
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Finally! Not only did the Texans win, I got to see it on TV! So I know it's true!! And the Longhorns knocked off the soon-to-not-be-#1 Stoopish Sooners! At last, sports news that doesn't leave me depressed!!
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The Rockets traded for Ron Artest?

That Ron Artest??

They did. And he's happy about it. Oh my. Curious.
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Ok sports fans, I know I haven't been in the hockey loop beyond how the Pens are doing. I certainly haven't watched a game in forever, and thus my question:

When did the home team start wearing colored jerseys and road team wears white?? It used to be home team wore whites, all the time. Now it isn't. Is this post-strike? Hockey ju-ju? Bettman was bored??? Wazzup wit dat?
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Bummed that Texas A&M lost. Really bummed that UT lost, and that Cody was injured. But, that's NCAA.

The Texans won. Against Jag-off-ville. Again. Holy crap. Y'know, they still have the same record as the Steelers. Ponder that one.

And yes, the local black 'n {Steeler}gold won, against my second favorite team, the Saints. I think that Nawlens will be able to bounce back ok, Drew had another kick-ass night. And I don't want the Steelers to suck, really I don't. I'm ok with liking this team. I'm still a Houston fan, though, and always will be.

So, enough useless babbling.
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...for we are watching VeggieTales' "The End of Silliness?" as the Astros are batting in the bottom of the 10th tied 6-6 with the Braves and a chance to advance to the NLCS today.

Praise the Lord for Yahoo sports, and time to sit with my punkin.

EDIT-- Top of the 15th and still 6-6??? The top of the order is up for Houston in the bottom of the 15th. Dear Lord, let's wrap this one up already!
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The 'Stros are in the playoffs!!

The Texans are on a two game winning streak!!

I'm psyched!!


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