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I need to find my damn copy of "Reflect and Rejoice" for Jr. High band that I wrote eons ago. I really think it's marketable, and I have a list of publishers I want to submit stuff to:

-Lorenz Music
-Fred Bock (but not the gospel funk piece)
-Alfred Music (both church and band)

The last two are biggies in the publishing field, and maybe I should start there. Heck, it may take longer, but the distribution benefits would pay off massively, I would hope. I really want to push my music this year. I'm even looking at my women's anthem and wanting to make progress on it to get it done and in the mix of it all.
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I'm on spring break now, so my regular computer-cruising schedule is thrown way off. Much has happened, here are the headlines.

-Palm Sunday performance went well, and re-inspired me to continue my choral compositions, get the women's piece finished and really take the Gloria seriously. New ideas, too, which'll help.

-Music class management in-service at CMU. Only slightly necessary for me /dripping sarcasm. Very good, very, very good. Lunch at Schatz dining also bonus. Found and spoke with Douglas Ahlstedt, am sending him music for "I Seek Your Face" for feedback, possible (??) performance? Maybe? Also want to collaborate w/him for writing communion anthems.

-Finished first collaboration song w/GS, lyricist from Philly. He and his wife really liked the song, could tell I enjoyed doing it, and he's real hopeful. I have two more to do to make a demo CD which he will then send to record labels. As he said, "It only takes one song to open the door"... Good god I hope...

-Next song looks like it might be country. Eek!

-New TV today. 32". New TV stand, too. Yay, open-model discount plus gift-cardage.

-Bad husband today. No biscuit.

-One new publisher found to send music to, KJOS, and a composition contest in Italy for choral music that I'm sending "Seek" to. Hey, it's free, and what the hell? Who knows?

-I'm tired. My daughter didn't get the memo that my spring break started today and was ready for breakfast at 6:11 this morning. Must find my secretary and work that out.
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I got my rejection letter from Hope publishing. Looking for the next place to send my choral music.
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So, I'm ready to hear from Hope Publishing now, saying that they want to publish every piece. I checked my previous entries to see when Hope got my music, which was back on the 2nd. That's barely over three weeks ago. Not as close as the six to eight weeks that they said it'd take. Not nearly close enough. I wanna know now!! I've been good! I've waited!!


Mar. 2nd, 2006 08:33 pm
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I recieved a letter from Hope Publishing today, and of course my heart jumpstarted from Andante to around Vivace. (yeah, music joke, I'm also teaching tempo markings to my 8th graders. nyah.) Since I get the mail before putting the car in the garage, I give the mail to Jenn and say "open it, open it!" It turns out that it is only a notification that they have recieved my music and will take 6-8 weeks to make their decision. My response was something like "Mrr!" but I was still geeked to even see them print my titles. Like that gives my music more legitimacy- someone else acknowledges it. Dorky, I know, but I really want to get music published. I want to feel like I'm a part of that industry. This is why I got into music in the first place.
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Having looked through their websites, I've decided to submit "I Seek Your Face" and my "Amen" collection to Hope Music Publishing first, and if necessary then KJOS (sounds like a radio station, but they publish music). My church choir director will have the other 20 Amens ready, since I no longer have a Finale file of those (grrrrrr...), but I do have a copy of the first 10. I'll also see if the recording of "Seek" is worth sending in. Fortunately, Hope Publishing does not require a recording of submissions. When I called, I was told, "No, we have a piano, and people who sing, too!" That made me laugh, and reassured me too. On their site it said up to 12 weeks to review submissions, but was told that that's worst-case scenario, just so submitters don't get all jittery. Y'know, like I'm gonna be. :-D

I hope to get all that out by the end of this week, beginning of next.

*sigh* Back to grade verification and sorting through student papers.


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