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Apr. 28th, 2010 10:04 pm
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I found out from my brother today that my mother is in the hospital, after complaining about random sharp pains in her head and chest. The doctors can't find anything specifically wrong with her, and a thought is that it might have been a mild stroke. My brother supposes it is the result of accumulated stress with everything going on with my dad.

Mom's staying in the hospital tonight, having a CAT scan tomorrow, and hoping and praying that she'll be released tomorrow. Thank you all for being here, sharing thoughts and prayers.
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Coming home to a happy dog, a smiling wife that kisses you gently on the lips, and a little girl who lays her head on your shoulder while you carry her back out to the car in order to find her green phone *rocks*. Tomorrow should be back to the normal routine, but it was really nice to come home to that special trifecta.

Medication update:
Day-caps, 1
Yuk in my head and nose, 0

Though napping was much, much more tempting today. Round 2 is tomorrow.
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I am at work early, because the pooky is sick at home, and [ profile] fiannaharpar is home with her. The poor girl is just extra congested and not feeling well. The kicker was that when we were shopping yesterday she wanted me to carry her and she fell asleep on my shoulder. That hasn't happened in... forever. I hope she gets to feeling better today.

What sucks is that I have a little bit of the same thing. Some sinus pressure, congested, little sore spot in my throat. This is the wrong week to get sick, bucko. I'm taking daytime gelcaps, hopefully that and a boat load of fluids will, as Benny Hill said, cut short its visit.

Yesterday was busy. Church was good, finally working on the Ellingboe Requiem during Sunday morning choir practice (haven't been able to make it to Thursday evening practices for a long time), and since we're performing it in two weeks it's nice to start reading it. When I came home it was spring cleaning! Lots of laundry, fridge and freezer cleanout, and bedroom fixin'-uppin'. Our bedroom, thanks to my wonderful wife, looks clean and great now. So does the kitchen. It looks and feels really nice.

[ profile] fiannaharpar, when you read this, know that I love you and can't wait to see you this afternoon. Kiss the punkin on the head for me. Hope you both have a good day.
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Midway through 6th period, in a rassa-frassin'-go@#$-d**^!@ coverage, I had a sneezing fit that felt like allergies. It was, in fact, the starting gun of a cold. I felt it begin. >BOOM!< like that. That was odd. I'm not happy about it, mind you, but I've never been able to pinpoint a specific event when a disease began. Wheeeee......

Oh. Yeah.

Sep. 26th, 2005 09:01 pm
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I think I know why I've been groggy the last three days. It would appear that I'm still sick, and it's flaring up again. This time it's a sore throat and continued congestion. Well, whopee. Coupled with a loooong day, it explains why I could've fallen asleep at any point in this entire day.


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