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So I was all ready to mow the yard today. It was finally sunny, dry enough to not leave humongous ruts in the yard. I get the mower out, get it ready, and... the gas cap.

Where's the gas cap?

I knew I had the gas cap on when I put this sucker away last time. But it's not here. I can't find it. I feel like the biggest dork for losing the frickin' gas cap on my mower, and having no clue where it is. So, no mowed yard, and I have to hope that the parts place in Lawrenceville has that part in stock. *sigh*
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Eh, switched my journal style again. The colors aren't nearly as cool, but the layout is more to my liking.

Once again, not enough is tweakable. I want to change the font, at the very least, and changing some colors would be really nice. Is that too much to ask?
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Things not needed this morning, as opposed to yesterday morning:
- [livejournal.com profile] lstrobel acting like a psycho crazed monkey on crack, preventing she and I from going to church today
- The toilet leaking into the basement. I guess it's good that I didn't go to church. Roto-Rooter will be here in the next couple of hours.

p.s.- the sun is shining. Oughta be thankful for that.
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There's a new first grader in my class. Yup. School is over two weeks from today, boys and girls, and there's a new student.

Don't ask. I can't explain it, nor do I want to.
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I just called (or tried to call) the parents of 12 different kids today. Just what I wanna do on a Friday afternoon.
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Stupid slow computer. Stupid phone company. Grr.
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Let's see, ingredients for the perfect morning:
-Wake up late.
-Ergo, leave late.
-Oooh, flat tire in Garfield. Sign me up.
-Return of the siunus headache! *cue music*

Yeah, I got the trifecta for die morgen-de-la-crappo today, but it was mitigated by the following:
-[livejournal.com profile] lstrobel is f**king adorable.
-My wonderful wife bailed me out and picked up die pookster to get her to day care. So I got to see her, too. And a smooch. :-)
-AAA is your friend.
-Chocolate doughnut at work.

So, coulda been worse, and it wasn't, so I just keep on a-goin'. I have so much to accomplish this week it isn't funny, and I'll be happy to see Friday very soon. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a class to teach in... 2 minutes.
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And now, gentle readers, a word about Pittsburgh traffic. )
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I want spring to be here. Officially, yeah, it is, but I want it to stamp its announcement now. I want it to counteract all the death and sadness and setback that this country and this world has endured all winter. I want to see life, to celebrate rebirth, and to not have to wear a jacket outside. I. Want. Spring. Dammit.


Mar. 7th, 2005 10:23 am
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So, I have this nice little Amazon gift certificate that I'm trying to redeem. Except that in the email I have, all the graphics are disabled, so I don't know exactly which string of ASCII characters is the code. No matter, I try 'em both- the all numbers one, and the all-letters one. Neither work. What, then is the code I use to redeem my gift certificate??
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It's just wrong when you see a first grader wearing a shirt that says in BIG letters on the back: "DON'T TRUST ANYBODY."



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The cover display on my new phone is cracked. Need to see if it can be fixed as opposed to tossed. Don't wanna spend the $$ for a new phone.
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I hate MCI f**kers can't hook up our line need a f**king techie to "fix" a problem that's never surfaced before so I have to miss work and shell out $180 the F**KERS!!!!!


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