Jan. 3rd, 2010 06:09 pm
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The Texans did their part. I'm even glad the Steelers won. Now it's up to KC and Oakland to do their part... if not them then Cincinnati could smack down the Jets and that would be ok with me.

I am happy with a winning record for Houston, finally. It's a shame that it should have been better, sooner, with at least three other games winnable if not for stupid last-moment turnovers or failures. However, still being in the hunt for the playoffs is better than *not* being in the hunt for the playoffs.

EDIT: Denver lost! Yay!!! Baltimore won! Boo!!!!(sorry Pittsburgh fans) C'monnnnnnnnnnn, StinkyNasty!! (aka Bungles)


Oct. 12th, 2008 04:56 pm
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Finally! Not only did the Texans win, I got to see it on TV! So I know it's true!! And the Longhorns knocked off the soon-to-not-be-#1 Stoopish Sooners! At last, sports news that doesn't leave me depressed!!
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I'm just glad the Texans got to 8-8 vs. the Jagoffs. I know they rested players, but Houston still got 42 points, including 2 kickoff returns for TDs by Andre Davis, in nearly consecutive plays!

As for me, I'll be rooting for Indy to uproot Bellichek. We'll see.
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The Houston Texans are 1-0, first time since their inaugural season. I have a good feeling about this season. Realistically, I think they'll be 8-8. Barring horrendous injuries (as always), I think Shaub will provide more consistent leadership and performance. Ahman Green looks to still have some gas in his tank, and Andre is still Andre, but you have to watch for Jacoby Jones on top of that. Defensively, it looks like moving Mario to the left is making a huge difference. Just look at last Sunday compared to all of last season. Okoye should do well in his rookie season, too. They lost their FS to injury, though, and that may make an untested defense more vulnerable, but they still have potential to show improvements from last year.

As the schedule goes, I think Houston can win 3 of 4 from the weak NFC south (Loss to dem Saints, which I can't complain about too much), 2 of 4 from the AFC west (KC [done!] and jOakland), 3 within the AFC south (JAX and Ten once fer sure, maybe one of them twice or another rare win vs Indy). Oh yeah, then there's Cleveland and Miami. Gotta win at least one of those. Hey! That makes 9-7 by my calky-lations. Now, I'm sure that there will be at least one or two slip ups to foil my optimistic outlook, but damn, it's gotta be better than the last five years. And they started out in that direction.
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Bummed that Texas A&M lost. Really bummed that UT lost, and that Cody was injured. But, that's NCAA.

The Texans won. Against Jag-off-ville. Again. Holy crap. Y'know, they still have the same record as the Steelers. Ponder that one.

And yes, the local black 'n {Steeler}gold won, against my second favorite team, the Saints. I think that Nawlens will be able to bounce back ok, Drew had another kick-ass night. And I don't want the Steelers to suck, really I don't. I'm ok with liking this team. I'm still a Houston fan, though, and always will be.

So, enough useless babbling.
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How 'bout dem COWBOYS?!!?


See you next week on the field.
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Houston signs Kris Brown to an extension.
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The Houston Astros won games 3 and 4 of the NLCS, tying the series at 2 a piece.

The Texas Longhorns took care of business against Mizzou.

Texas A&M pounded Okie State.

The Houston Texans finally beat the Tennessee Traitors in their house, giving them the best record they've had through 6 weeks in the season (3-3). Tennessee is now sole possession of last place in the AFC South. Take that, Bud-hole Addams.

And Dallas lost to the Steelers, with Big Ben and the rest of the crew performing impressively.

C'mon, 'Stros, keep the good news coming tonight...
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My enjoyment of NFL2K5 has skyrocketed since I changed the setting from "pro" to "rookie". I even whooped David Arquette's ass on the challenge. It's nice to feel competent.


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