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I was too busy to record Monday's results. They were very disappointing:


I only managed to do one set without resorting to using my knees. This may have beed in part due to the strain of doing the move on Saturday, but it strenghthened my resolve to suck it up and start back at the first week.

Today's results:


I did not need to use my knees at all. The final set was a minimum of 4, and I managed 6. Last week I only managed 2 before maxing out on my knees. This is reassuring that some progress is being made.

Tonight I attend my first fight practice in two and a half years, up in Butler, in "new" loaner armor. Much has changed since then, and I eagerly await the results.
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Instrumental program: Completed for the year. Yaaaaay!!!!
To do today: Go to the strip district and then the zoo to see the Kid's Kingdom, and [livejournal.com profile] otterblossom to boot! Must put fresh batteries in the camera.
Tomorrow: Church, practice my trumpet solo with Tim some more, go to fighting practice with my new polearm (w00t!), and see our friend Jason for the first time in over a year!

Oughtta be a damn decent weekend. :-)


Jun. 1st, 2005 07:53 am
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Whee! Changed my LJ style last night, still tweaking it this morning. It's called "Flexible Squares" if anyone wonders and hasn't seen the previews of all of 'em yet.

Thanks to all for your greater-than-expected input on the earring selection. Hopefully this summer I'll have a new one.

Another day at school without the kids! Yay!! Gonna head over to Kelly Elementary to continue work on the curriculum project at 9am.

Oh, and I taped up my polearm last night. I hope to go to fighter practice soon to see if I did it right, and then start whackin' people with it!

And yes, [livejournal.com profile] fiannaharpar and I are drooling over the permanent account offer. It's a hit, but worth it since we don't ever plan on not using LJ. And I'll get my 50 icons!!!
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Explination the first: It's cuz the WAVE MOTION GUN failed!! )

Explination the second: So I had a dream last night that I was fighting with Yama Kaminari in some event on a big hill, all of us in armor and going somewhere I knew not. Alas, there was no real fighting in the dream, as is typical with my dreams (I never seem to get where I'm going in them), but I think dreaming about heavy weapons fighting is a sign. That I'm sick in the head. :-)
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I find myself being rather excited to go shopping for rattan at War Practice coming up. I'm just itching to get back into heavy weapons fighting, seeing as I haven't done any all year, which is almost half over already. Friends will guide me to the ways of getting proper sticks from which to fashion a naginata (pole-arm) and perhaps two katana (broadsword). Then, once I get a pell set up, probably from the dogwood tree, I can actually practice while I'm out with Alfred running around in the yard. What's more, I can practice, in whatever armor I may have, run around and chase Alfred for a spell, then run back and practice some more so I maybe, maybe won't be so bloody winded all the time. Well, it's an idea, anyway.
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I was psyched to get to field herald at crown for the first time in at least two years, and only blew one name (who eventually won- heh). The winning battle was wicked. Two swords each, Master Robyn Wallace, who had legged Sir Angeus (sp?) MacBain, was dancing around. Then, he jumped in the air, crossed his swords and when coming down sliced them across Angeus's shoulders and then rapped them on the sides of his helm. This was the third and deciding victory for Master Robyn. Whoa.

I then got to help herald at court, both with the trumpet and behind the dias. That was fun. It was my first kingdom level seconding, and hopefully not my last. I had lots of fun, and look forward to War Practice!
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The weekend was great. As my sweetie [livejournal.com profile] fiannaharpar mentioned, it was way too long since we've seen the Buffalo crowd, and hope to never wait that long before going up there again.

I had lots of fun and learned a lot at squire practice. I earned one head wound and about four right-arm bruises, plus assorted muscle soreness. I definitely felt better abled this time than the last squire practice I attended. Sama also seemed pleased in my performance/progress. It was great. I even got armor out of the deal! I can't wait to go back to fighter practice soon and try out what I've learned. I also need weapons. :-)

Hanging out with folks was fabulous, as always. Our hosts were wonderful and it was just great being with everyone.

I will miss everyone as well on Tuesday, but it should be a wonderful second anniversary celebration, one I greatly look forward to. :-)


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