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Today was the Faure Requiem and I Seek Your Face day, and all went well. It sounded really good from my standpoint. I even botched my solo a bit but recovered swiftly. I got a lot of good feedback about my men's piece. I'm really happy with it. Can't wait to hear the recording of it!
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This is a general announcement for all in the Pittsburgh area:

On Sunday, March 20, at 3pm, the First United Methodist Church's choir will be performing Gabriel Faure's "Requiem." There will be a 20 piece orchestra accompanying the choir and organ in this very passionate work, and yours truly has one of the solos. Also being performed beforehand will be my piece, "I Seek Your Face" for men's a capella choir. It will be an afternoon filled with truly beautiful music. Anyone who's reading this is invited. This is a free concert, donations accepted. If you don't know how to get to First United Methodist Church in Pittsburgh or have any other inquiries, please leave in a comment or call/email me (gmail).

P.S.- My piece will actually be premiered during the 11am service on Sunday, in case that would be prefereable (but no Faure for you).

Holy cow...

Feb. 8th, 2005 10:10 pm
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I think "I Seek Your Face" is done. I mean done. As in I finished the layout, measure markings, page numbers, and all the other little fru-fru stuff. The only bug that appeared was a word popped up under note that needed a different word, and there was no reasonable way to delete said word. So, I printed the copy, physically cut the word I needed from another earlier printout, and taped it over the offending text. Bam. Done. I could possibly even make copies tomorrow (oh yeah, and finish those lesson plans that are technically late at this point) and drop them off at the church for Tim to use at choir rehearsal. For Thursday night. This would effectively making my earlier "nigh-brilliant plan" obsolete and d.o.a. Oh well, I guess I can live with that when everything else is... two weeks ahead of schedule.
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...and I'm plain-ol' beat. Just put our newly 2-year-old to bed and fed myself something that wasn't pizza. Who knows, I might splurge and have a salad. Orrrr, just go for the ice cream. News at eleven.

On the music front- It's done! I got it done!! I finished "I Seek Your Face" at the end of the school day today, and plan on copying it in ink tonight to hand to Tim on Sunday. I'm really happy I got this finished. It makes me wonder if I'd had this time last week how far along I could've been, or how long in terms of hours worked this *really* took.

My sweetie is off to the Viking event to prep for muchas cooking tomorrow, and I'm downstairs alone. I'll miss having her here and waking up with her tomorrow, but her sister offered to babysit Lake after 1pm, so I can go up to the event and actually enjoy the feast she's put so much time and effort into! I hope it all goes off well. She's worked so so hard on this and really has done a smashing job. I hope people will recognize this and tell her.

I'm still in veggie-mode (no, not a la mode), so I'm stopping now before I ramble on for another hour.
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Got some more writing done this morning, will do more this afternoon, too. Maybe there's hope for Friday. I also had a nigh-brilliant idea. As soon as I finish this puppy, I'm going to quickly but neatly re-write it in ink, photocopy it and hand it to Tim this Sunday. Then, I'll have a smidge more time to enter it on Finale and work out any bugs or glitches thrown my way, and Tim can actually get started rehearsing this thing next Thursday perhaps. That'd make me feel better.

[warning: music geeking ahead]
There's this one phrase I'm not sure if I like or not. I mean, it works, but I'm afraid it's reintroducing a note in the original tonality too soon after toying around a bit in a different one. I do need to get back to the original tonality, and I like what preceded it, but I'll have to plink the phrase on the keyboard memory or finale to hear it independently of playing it- I get too wrapped up in the performance and my original intentions when I do that. I need space from it.

I also came up with a cool chord combo for the section working up to the climax. Both chords are complex (C7 to C-flat Major7, twice), and gives me a fresh aural palette to work from. (apologies for the pretentiousness of the previous phrase, but it works, mate) That's where I've stopped, and maybe after fiddling with these meddling lesson plans that I'm responsible for I can go back before my next class and keep writing.
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Well, that's my self-imposed deadline for this men's acapella piece I'm writing for Palm Sunday at my church. With the move and all, I haven't had much time to just sit down and write. Yesterday afternoon and this morning have been the first opportunities to do so. I *really* want to finish this on/by Friday so I can start putting it on Finale and have that done by the 20th. After further thinking, having it done and ready to hand to Tim by the 17th would be better because of Thursday evening choir practices.

I don't know how far I'm done yet, really. I could be half done, but it could be more if I can work thse ideas further. I also have sketched ideas for further in the piece, yet some earlier parts need to be fleshed out. I'm thinking I won't be done on Friday. Feh. I'll know better by Thursday.

I like what I'm doing so far. I'm adding more complex chords where I feel they fit, because I'm trying not to be too cut and dry. I guess I'm doing what I feel best at, and people seem to like it. Thank goodness I had the words written in one shot. I'm seriously thinking about asking to hang in Tim's office during next Sunday's sermon to continue writing this thing.
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Put your vibrating cell phone in your chest pocket. WHOO!! That gets your attention.


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