Apr. 13th, 2008 10:02 pm
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Dans Profundo is finished! I finished it Friday night, specifically, but I had to then futz with the page layouts of the score and the tuba part so it didn't have anything freaky going on. From just listening to it on Finale, I like it. I wasn't as buzzing with excitement as I thought I would, but the transition to the last few measures was being a big PITA. I think that the thrill of being done is replaced with the concern of how it will be received, by the performers, audience, and professors. I'm still awaiting more feedback, but I at least am satisfied with the piece being done and knowing that it's, at the very least, a decent sounding musical work. Hey, my wife likes it, it can't be all bad. ;-)


Mar. 27th, 2008 10:06 pm
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Hrm. New theme. Don't suck. Not the one I originally meant to choose, but I like the checkerboard 'n other bits. (reminder for me- hp lovers rock)

With no private lesson tonight, I was able to get quite a bit written for "Dans Profundo," which I really need to finish soon. The end, though, is in sight. And I like it. I really can't wait to get this finished and then get a taste of what it's really gonna sound like. Dammit, I wish I could stay up three more hours and get the thing done...

Just over a day until my birthday! I still get excited. I like having the special day. I love having friends, and a family, to share it with.


Mar. 13th, 2008 10:13 pm
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I just completed the second section of the tuba piece, and the third is unfolding quite nicely. Not bad progress for only getting one, maybe two hours a week to work on this thing. And for those of you who know the lingo, the piece is in mixed meter, meaning the 8th note remains constant. Well, in the unaccompanied intro, the 8th=146 bts/minute. Not too fast. In the second section, the 8th=200. This last section, the 8th=320 (quarter=160, so not too daunting looking at it that way). Still, at the end, it's gonna cook.
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Two beats worth of piano music took two hours over the course of 24 to come up with. I think I should've sketched more liberally like I did in the intro, but I am happy with what is on the page.

One down,

Jan. 11th, 2008 10:54 pm
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two to go?

I finished the unaccompanied intro to the tuba piece tonight. It was a wonderful "aha" moment on how to connect this cool idea that needed to be transitioned into as well as out of. Musically I compare it to drawing to an inside straight: you can't always write music in between two ideas you want and get the smoothest result. As it is, I was pretty happy to find the solution I did, and now I'll need to sleep on this and play it tomorrow. I've brought the piano into the mix, which certainly complicates things. Wait... >>10 minutes pass<< However, I found YouTube. Teh internetz, let me showz you them! After listening to some Dvorak and other things, I have a start to the piano part! Whee!!! Now it's deciding when to bring in the tuba, how much of the theme to introduce in piano, and working out some chord progressions. For the second section. The third section, as planned, is demon-spawn 'oom-pah'. This could be fun. :-)

I just hope C# minor doesn't annoy the hell out of him...

Tuba time

Jan. 6th, 2008 09:43 pm
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The intro on the tuba solo, working title being "Dans Profundo", is almost done. I'm trying to transition into the main "theme" where the piano comes in with some semblance of style and aptitude. And as it turned out, the few measures I wrote as an insert to the intro is better than everything I wrote after the 'insert' was to have finished. I need to increase the tempo for the next section. The unaccompanied intro is going to be marked "Seductive." Yes, that's right. Solo tuba. Seductive. It's slavic. -Ish. Just y'all wait.
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I have been given a side project before I need to focus nearly all of my creative energy to the tuba recital piece. My church choir director, Tim, who I love, showed me a hymn and asked if I'd arrange it for me, him, and [ profile] fiannaharpar. "I don't care if you change the melody or the harmony. I want it 'Strobel.'"

That honored me, and was a feeling I hadn't had in a while- he wanted to hear whatever I wanted to do to/with it. I think I have nearly all the melody of the hymn (Methodist hymnal #250, "Once in Royal David's City") and much of the harmony sketched out. I've changed the melody and harmony considerably, though it's still recognizable. Instead of being in F major it toggles between F dorian and F minor. The last verse seems more wispy and dreamy than the first three, so I'm considering making that verse slower and 'sweeter', but I don't want to lose the character I'm building in the first three verses. That's a worry for later, after I flesh out the harmony parts for the first three verses.

I need to finish this soon because Tim wants to perform this for Candlelight service, December 9th (Sunday afternoon). It is a free concert if anyone else in the area is interested in attending.
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I have finally finished the piano part to my new church anthem. I was trying to fit this ├╝ber-complex sixteenth note pattern in one steenkeeng measure, and it wasn't working. I tried three different variations, and they all sounded out of place, not quite right, or forced. The left hand was good, which was a start. So I approached it simply- what chords really worked going from where I left off to where it picked up a measure later? And that was it. I just used chords, no rhythmic fru-fru or hype. That has allowed me to put what conscious effort I have left this evening (just got back from [ profile] rapier1's wedding reception. AWESOME!! That requires a separate post.) to working on string parts, because the concert for this is in two weeks!!!

What sucks about the work I'm doing now is that I can't email it to my work address. At home I'm using Finale '06. At work it's only '01, and it don't work. So, while I have to duplicate my efforts, it's still work getting done with orchestration and stuff, so that it's just retyping when I'm at work and not creating.

With all of this going on, I have one huge regret that spans nearly 10 years now: Why, why, why did I not email myself a copy of every music file I ever wrote while a student at CMU? I am praying that [ profile] sk4p can somehow access my archived account to get those files back (or contact someone who can), but if the account is deleted then all that work is gone. And all it would've taken is to email myself a copy, open it in my new spiff version of Finale, and reconfigure anything that's wonky. As it looks now I have to input it all in, all over again. *sigh*
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1) A deadline.
2) A dollar sign.

I got both. Today at church our director asked if I'd be up for writing another anthem for the Sunday after Easter. That Sunday is going to feature all premiere material, because Tim (said director) is writing an anthem, too. And our director of education is going to write chant as well. He will even pay me! Woo-hoo! There's no time limit, I have a string quartet at my whim, and the theme is "Joy". I think I can manage this one. :-)
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No postie earlier today because it was an Act 80 day and we were drenched in curriculum-writing as opposed to having time to surf anything web-like. :-) We got on track somewhat, and more importantly I can now split my time between that and arranging those band tunes pronto. One month from today will be here sooner than I want it to. (band concert)
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Projects to complete in the calendar year 2005, in order of completion:
  • Arrange a traditional hymn for women's choir at my church, in the style of Anonymous 4's version of "Amazing Grace." (simply breathtaking)

  • Find and transcribe "Imagery," the trumpet and piano piece I wrote as a sophomore(?) to be worked up by me and Tim as a church prelude or offeratory. I think it's in my briefcase, which I think is still on [ profile] sk4p's 3rd floor. :-)

  • Write an a capella trio for [ profile] fiannaharper, myself, and Tim to be performed in the fall.

  • Have an idea of the form of my Candlelight work- Gloria? Latin or English? If not a traditional form, what text do I use and how many movements? I already know instrumentation- 2 vln, vla, vcl, 2 tpt, 2 F hns, tymp. (yes, this includes choir and organ. smartass.)

  • Probably some arrangement for the Chatham band/orchestra to be concieved and completed during the six week summer camp.

  • Considering what I've already done this year, this doesn't seem like too much, provided I have access to Finale (got to get the upgrade for the eMac...) and a printer. I like it. I like it a lot.
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    Last night on Adventures In Good Music (radio program hosted by the late Karl Haas) I heard snippets of Francis Poulenc's Mass in G Major, which he dedicated to his father. The Mass is a capella. And I really like Poulenc's sonorities. I think I need to acquire this little sonic morsel. Mmmmmmm....

    Part of why this strikes me so is that after a couple of small-ish composition, arranging, and transcription projects, I would really like to write the Candlelight anthem for my church, possibly for 2006. This may wind up being a Gloria (like Vivaldi's and Rutter's), but I'm not sure yet. I'll need to do much listening, research, and soul-search. It'll be my biggest work to date, and I'm gonna do it right.
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    So, after finishing the men's piece, I've decided to assist in the rehearsal of this piece by using oh-most-wonderful GarageBand to do my bidding. So, what Tim will do is record the music on the keyboard and save as an mp3. I'll take the file or CD of this and plop it right into garage band as it's own file, where I can then record each voice over the piano part. Once all four parts are recorded, I'll save four different files, one with each part and piano, for each voice. Then, as an extra bonus, since I'll have all four parts recorded anyway, I'll include a track of all four parts (sans piano) to give the others an idea of what the whole piece will sound together.

    But is that enough?? NooOOOoooo... See, I arranged a men's acapella version of the contemporary Christian song "Sanctuary," which Tim would like to do as a quartet. I'm having him include that piano version as well, where I'll do the same thing as with "Seek". Each CD that I burn, then, will include each rehearsal part of "I Seek Your Face" along with the acapella version, [edit- forgot this part last night]*and* each rehearsal oart of "Sanctuary" along with *it's* acapella version. (I've already fooled with it- it's wierd to hear a four-part piece sung only with your own voice. Cool, but wierd.)

    Yeah, that'll keep me busy. NOT. I've also decided to continue writing more "Amen"s, of which I already have 10 and our church choir has performed two of them. What I want to do is write enough to make a collection that can be used for many different purposes, prayer responses, benedictions, or whatever. They can be sung as one-, two- or four-part pieces, with accompaniment or acapella. The top part can even be printed in the church bulletin for congregational participation. I figure 30 total will be enough, and as 10 are already in 4/4 time, I'll write 10 more in 3/4, and 10 in 6/8. I'm also writing them in the fine tradition of J.S.Bach- steal from yourself. I'll write two or three with similar motives, with subtle melodic or harmonic changes, so all I need is three or four ideas for each batch.

    It feels good to write again. Since I'm not playing in band again, just yet, this wonderfully fills a creative void. Can't wait to hear how this sounds.
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    So, I went to the Bog Chaos last weekend, and I got to talk with Katja (I forget her LJ id) which was neat. What follows is part of an email I sent to her, just talking about what I want to do in the SCA.

    Start rolling )


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