Dec. 28th, 2006 09:38 pm
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Finally in the holiday spirit....
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So, I have all these wonderful and fabulous things floating in my head about Christmas and the like, and not a drop of gumption to post them, followed by almost not enough time to really get into it. This Christmas was one of, if not the best, the Strobel Clan has had for various reasons. [ profile] lstrobel really loved every minute of the day, was ├╝ber excited about all her presents, and gave me wonderful memories. Phrases like, (as she's openning a present) "*gasp!!!!!!* I didn't ask for it, but I really wanted it!!!!" and "I'm so exciting!!" It was a great day to be a dad. The camera got a good workout

I am now in possesion of Madden 07, which I think I will dig most righteously. I, therefore, need foes not of the CPU variety to test this righteousness. You know where to apply. :-)

I have loved all of the company and all of the food. This is such an improvement from last year's Christmas. We really got to get into the spirit of the season, and it was very fulfilling. I'm hoping that this is more the standard from here on out.

One more tidbit- I got a hair cut today, and after talking to the gal who cut it, this is the last time I'm keeping my hair long. Next haircut, which will be around March or so, I'm getting it all chopped off and sending it to Locks of Love. I will try to remember to take before and after shots, and to post those.
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It's cute. I like it.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, lrstrobel sent to me...
Twelve texas drumming
Eleven transformers playing
Ten backrubs a-singing
Nine autobots laughing
Eight fugues a-conducting
Seven sports a-teaching
Six decepticons a-composing
Five ho-o-o-ouston rockets
Four taiko drums
Three gabriel iglasias
Two houston texans
...and a homestarrunner in a being with my sweetie.
Get your own Twelve Days:

In other news, had yummy dinner at Jimmy Tsang's with my sister/brother-in-law and their friends, who had a 2 1/2-yr old named Taegen. She and Pookie did swimmingly together- dear lord, they were adorable. I swear my daughter ate more tonight than the last day combined. The two girls were getting along so well that when it was time to go, [ profile] lstrobel got all teary and said, "I want Taegen to come live with us!"
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It's 6:30am, been up since 5:45. I have a toddler. It's Christmas morning. Really, I shouldn't be surprised. At all.


Dec. 24th, 2005 09:42 pm
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Things are ok.

We went to the 7pm Christmas service. It was nice. I sang, and [ profile] fiannaharpar's dad was there. One of [ profile] lstrobel's best friends was there, too, and the munchkins had child care, so all were happy. I even got to sing a solo on "O Holy Night". It helped bring more Advent to me, spiritually. That was needed.

Between me and my sweetie, all gifties are given. I got an early present of new sheepskin slippers, because Alfred got a hold of my old ones and was chewing out the foam inside. Then, last weekend, Jenn had to give me a gift because she knew I'd like it and could use it nearly immediately: Katamari Damacy! And thanks to [ profile] blackpaladin for transfering my game over to my memory card. It's still being really fun, though I'm hitting a wall for how to get the suckers truly huge. Hmmm... Anyway, since she gave me the game early, I had to give her her Lush gift certificate early, while excitement over her bath bombs and soaps are still fresh. :-)

Yesterday at the mall, I was convinced to get a new watch, and with a nice leather band, too. I'd had those Timex multi-purpose digital watches since about junior high in one form or another, and the watch I'd been wearing I'd had for years. It was on its 4th band, and ready for a new one. But I got this new one, which I'm really happy with. I even exchanged the old watch, where it'll be purtied up and fixed and given to charity or used for parts, which I'm ok with. Usually, I love having things where I can say, "I've had this [item] for [x, where x=really honking many] years!" but I decided that this didn't have to be one of those things. And tonight, I gave my sweetie a ladel charm for her charm bracelet, that's made out of white gold. I think she liked it.

Tomorrow is travelling and visiting and hopefully enjoying the special day. Jenn and I had noticed that neither one of us has gotten overly stressed about the holiday, which has been nice, even if it's meant we never really got into this Christmas. We've enjoyed the music, but never got cards out. (sorry) We had people over, but didn't decorate or get spiffied up or anything. There's no tree, no presents under the not-tree, or anything like that. But we're ok with it, and it will probably happen next year. I'm just happy being at peace with all of that.

To everyone reading this, I truly wish you the best this time of year, be you Christian, Jewish, pagan, agnostic or atheist. Sorry if I left you out, but that's as much as I'm subdividing without a flowchart. I am thankful for all the friends I have, for the love that I've shared and that is shared with me, for my family and house, for my job, for music and for my faith and knowledge of what is greater than me. May you all be blessed with happiness, strength when that happiness is gone, and the determination to keep up that strength when happiness seems farthest away.

To me, that's what I mean by Merry Christmas.
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Currently listening to the ladies, [ profile] fiannaharpar, [ profile] bbahor, and [ profile] rani23, in the dining room discussing... lady-things. :-) There's also sewing and knitting going on there, so I'm keeping my distance.

[ profile] lstrobel, the sleep-depped wonderkind, is finally sleeping for hopefully the entire night. She did not sleep much/well at all last night and had no nap to top it off today. She was mostly miserable near the end. I hope she doesn't wake up this time, poor pooky needs it.

Tomorrow is our church's Candlelight service. I really haven't been attending rehearsals for it, but fortunately it's something we've sung before. So for today, while I was 'sightreading' some of the movements of "Celebration of Carols" by Benji Britten, I'm remembering having performed it last time, so I don't feel totally lost. This is adding to my whole disconnect to advent this year. Between problems with teaching and the upcoming concert (still), being a daddy and husband, and not getting to church that much lately, it's been really hard. I'm sure being in the new house this year has something to do with it. I'm dealing ok, and Candlelight tomorrow and performing for the Christmas Eve service will help immensely.

I'm also loving reading [ profile] dicea's "Advent is about..." series. Lu-ving. It. Gal, I love your style and tip my hat to your insight and sharing. Can't wait for the next one.

I bid y'all a hunky-dory Saturday night.


Dec. 17th, 2004 07:36 am
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So last night was make-a-gingerbread-house party at [ profile] lstrobel's Day Care, and I had waaay too many snickey-snacks. They paved the way to very bizarre dreams and being quite the urpy one this morning. Which inspires me to inflict this upon you, especially [ profile] sk4p: @Brak(Heeeeeey!! Graham crackers and M&Ms make me gassy! But I ate them anyway!!)

The evening was lots of fun, though, so it was worth the pain. :-) Today is the Christmas program for the kids after lunch. I still have songs to record into the keyboard and get everything finished up, because the afternoon will be a whirlwind. Come to think about it, the entire week has been a whirlwind, which is why I'll be glad when it's over.

What a list

Dec. 8th, 2004 11:20 am
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My LiveJournal 12 Days
My True Love gave to me...
12 red_haired_girls a-smiling.
11 matsujo9s a-waddling.
10 sk4ps a-yelling.
9 amerginas a-giggling.
8 celebrins a-glaring.
7 rani23s a-squeaking.
6 tommxs a-calling.
5 purple blackpaladins.
4 breakdancing tangerinpenguins.
3 Israeli ommkarjas.
2 monkey fraterrisuss.
And a fiannaharpar in a cucumber tree.
Get gifts! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

Sweetie, I had no idea your passion for cucumbers...


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