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I am quite psyched that Craig Biggio got his 3000th hit, in fitting fashion, at Houston, and I find it a tribute to him as a player that he tried to stretch that hit into a double, even though he was thrown out. I've been a Biggio-Bagwell fan for as long as they both suited up together, and with Bagwell retired I just love to watch Biggio continue to play like he did 20 years ago. Hell, the man still looks as boyish now as he did then.

I know the Astros suck right now (Pirates fans, be glad y'all are at least better than us), but having Craig still playing is uplifting. It's not a definite that Bagwell will make it into the Hall of Fame, but few are doubting Biggio won't be a first ballot shoe-in. And the great thing is that this isn't guaranteed to be his last season playing. Man, if I had the dough, I'd get his jersey.
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Astros Win!!

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Two full games. 18 near-complete frickin' innings. But the 'Stros did it. They sent Crap-lanta packing in another first round loss, and it didn't take the full 5 games this time!! Yay!! They finally won a series at Houston, and Clemens got the win, too, which I thought was a bonus. But man, two full games. Hell, that was game 4 and five right there.

There were a lot of wacky records in this one, too. For example:
-Longest post-season MLB game in history, in innings and time.
-First post-season game with grand slams hit by both teams.

I saw some highlights on the Astros' homepage, and it was so cool to see so many fans still all there. I am so happy that the Astros are in the NLCS again. I don't know if they'll get past St. Louie this time, but damnit, we can at least put up some offense when needed now. The pitching is still there. I hope this double game doesn't adveresely affect the rotation on Wednesday. Man, if this had to lead to a game 5, that'd be messed up. But it doesn't. Hee-hee!!

And, no, we are not mentioning the Texans at this time. Feh.

Go 'Stros!!!
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'Stros win!!
Horns win!!

Sunday... dare I say it... Texans win??

*crosses fingers*

*glares to see if [livejournal.com profile] karlgreat is snickering*


Oct. 2nd, 2005 08:15 pm
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The Astros are in it!!
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We'll see who has the most Texas sports icons of the two of us...
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Dissapointed again. As usual.

go sox.
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Dear baseball gods,

Please let Clements do his thang tonight and let there be more-than-adequate run support to allow the Astros into their first World Series against the team that previously employed both the Rocket and Jeff Bagwell. One half of my World Series dream is in place, now let the important half be so.

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The Houston Astros won games 3 and 4 of the NLCS, tying the series at 2 a piece.

The Texas Longhorns took care of business against Mizzou.

Texas A&M pounded Okie State.

The Houston Texans finally beat the Tennessee Traitors in their house, giving them the best record they've had through 6 weeks in the season (3-3). Tennessee is now sole possession of last place in the AFC South. Take that, Bud-hole Addams.

And Dallas lost to the Steelers, with Big Ben and the rest of the crew performing impressively.

C'mon, 'Stros, keep the good news coming tonight...
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The 'Stros are in the playoffs!!

The Texans are on a two game winning streak!!

I'm psyched!!


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