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So, today is when we in PA get to vote for which Dem is gonna go toe-to-toe with McCain. And I don't have to be at school until noon because of it, but I don't get out until 8:00 this evening, either, which sucks. I mean, I'll miss most of Tuesday Night Dinner, and I'll need to be back at work within 12 hours of leaving. Isn't that depressing? Granted, I had a retail job where I'd have to close at 10pm, then come in the next morning at 6:00 to work stock. *That* was messed up.

In the four hours I have before leaving, I'll need to vote, drop off paper recycling, clear out a small fallen dead tree, and do other things around the house. Oh, and pick up a surprise birthday present for my wife. Her birthday's Thursday. :-D

I'm still waiting for feedback after the first rehearsal of Dans Profundo with tubist and pianist. I'm finding myself unable to get truly excited about this piece actually being performed until I get some tangible evidence towards that. I know that once that ball gets rolling, I'll be quite happy. This part of being a composer is one I really love, but it's hard being patient!!
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The information is crossposted at the complaints choir forum.
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My sweetie is at work, my daughter is in school, and I have this final day of Christmas break. While I wish it could all be Skittles and beer, (mmmmmmm, beer....) I have dishes and laundry to finish, a butt-load of papers I've put off grading, and I really should clean out my car before the return trip to fetch everybody. I'm happy though, because I have my Ska station going on Pandora's Box, and everyting is alright-mon.
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I wish I could have more days like today. My wife is at work, my daughter at school, and I have time to surf teh internets get things done around here. The weather is nice and I'm 85% over this congestion I have.

After dropping the fam off, I had my first experience of seeing a deer romp on Morewood Avenue. The poor thing must've been scared shitless. Or she got word of the hunters and was looking for refuge at student services. But that was truly bizarre.

Home has consisted of doing dishes, cleaning up a bit, a few phone calls, and I just got in from cutting down some branches from the fallen tree in our yard, and moving them to the back of the yard. I got all the previously cut branches, but the bigguns are still sitting there. It felt good to work outside, I don't do it enough. Though my lack of muscle tone is working against me, I should've gotten at least a decent workout. I stopped becuase my armz iz tired and I have grading that I need to get done before I pick up the folkses this afternoon.

Now I have to get as much grading as I can before it's time to leave.
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As of 4 minutes ago I'm waiting for the Sears GuyTM to come and fix our lawn tractor. The silly brake, it won't disengage. The yard currently is offering openings to the Pittsburgh Zoo for natural savannah inhabitants. So, yeah, fortunately the mower is still under warranty and we get away without plunking any more $$ we don't have.

Other things to do besides/before/after mowing of said wildlife habitat:
-scrub out coolers
-oh yeah, breakfast

Hmmm. Seems like enough of a list for now.

Sears Edit: He's at stop #2, and I'm stop #3.

Job Edit: Just found an open position at a good district, and I've spent the last hour or so calling people who can fill out this "teacher appraisal form" which I've seen needed in no other district. Ah, well, I guess they can get away with it. The important thing is that I will have three forms completed and will get this application turned in, by hand, possibly tomorrow. And damnit, I'll sacrifice days at Pennsic if it means interviews for a better job. *sigh* Here's hoping.

Sears Edit II: Mower's fixed! It was just the idler bolt that was too friggin' tight. I'm assured that our warranty lasts through 5-08 (yay!) and was given a couple other helpful pointers. Off to lawn shearing!!
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Feeling loopy from the last allergy meds I took... I can breathe but I'm not fully grounded.

Today: Gotta finish lesson plans for tomorrow, finish grading worksheets, practice piano music for choir and finish writing the drill for the marching band.
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Instrumental program: Completed for the year. Yaaaaay!!!!
To do today: Go to the strip district and then the zoo to see the Kid's Kingdom, and [livejournal.com profile] otterblossom to boot! Must put fresh batteries in the camera.
Tomorrow: Church, practice my trumpet solo with Tim some more, go to fighting practice with my new polearm (w00t!), and see our friend Jason for the first time in over a year!

Oughtta be a damn decent weekend. :-)
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Extremely busy. There's just too much to do, in nearly every aspect of the things I'm doing. This doesn't include the things I'm blowing off to do what I have right now. *sigh*

I should have two letters of recommendation by the end of this week, though, and that's good news.
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Things I need to write/arrange in order:
- "Hit the Road Jack" for J. elem. band.
- finish "Survivor" for clarinet quartet in elem band.
- finish transcribing "Imagery" on Finale for tpt solo, to play for church.
- jazz piece for [livejournal.com profile] fiannaharpar and piano.
- finish "Miserere" for FUMC Chancel choir women. (must listen to Durafley's! sayeth Tim)
- sketch and research for Gloria. (waaaay down on the prioirty list, but there nonetheless)

Is that it? Dear lord, I hope so.
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Projects to complete in the calendar year 2005, in order of completion:
  • Arrange a traditional hymn for women's choir at my church, in the style of Anonymous 4's version of "Amazing Grace." (simply breathtaking)

  • Find and transcribe "Imagery," the trumpet and piano piece I wrote as a sophomore(?) to be worked up by me and Tim as a church prelude or offeratory. I think it's in my briefcase, which I think is still on [livejournal.com profile] sk4p's 3rd floor. :-)

  • Write an a capella trio for [livejournal.com profile] fiannaharper, myself, and Tim to be performed in the fall.

  • Have an idea of the form of my Candlelight work- Gloria? Latin or English? If not a traditional form, what text do I use and how many movements? I already know instrumentation- 2 vln, vla, vcl, 2 tpt, 2 F hns, tymp. (yes, this includes choir and organ. smartass.)

  • Probably some arrangement for the Chatham band/orchestra to be concieved and completed during the six week summer camp.

  • Considering what I've already done this year, this doesn't seem like too much, provided I have access to Finale (got to get the upgrade for the eMac...) and a printer. I like it. I like it a lot.
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    I'm so friggin' rushed this morning. The power went off last night, so no alarm clock to wake us. I got to work just fine, but I still have bunches to do and prepare for:
    -Assemble Orff instruments
    -finish lesson plans for K, and 2nd day for 5th/6th grade
    -make flyer for staff/parents to get more folks to come to sing for the Wilkinsburg choir when the Pgh. Symphony plays at the high school on Oct. 1 (more on this later)
    -email my mother-in-law (and I've never referred to her as that until now) thanking her for an email she sent out publicizing the Pgh. Symph. concert
    -finish lunch. :-)
    -figure out what to take down to "the room".

    Ah yes, a room, I have one. For now. This is why I'm not jumping up and down, thrusting my fist in the air, and shouting "Whoopee!" It's a "trial" situation, and may be revoked *if* the teacher who had the room last year comes back. (he didn't get his certification renewed in time) So, I'll be able to use a room, which is great, but I really can't start hauling everything down and mark it as *mine*. I also don't know when/if that situation will happen. So, I'll make the best of it, and it is at least a better situation than I currently have. Cuz, really, I love tripping over the cords I plug into other teachers' outlets and not being able to put anything anywhere since there's *no* space. So, I sound blah about this, but it really is a good thing. Just gotta make it work and hope that it's mine-all-mine. This'll start... next Monday. Here's for the best!


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