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Howdy y'all. It's been a while.

I am relatively pleased with the progress of the elementary band so far. I am incorporating new teaching methods/tricks/tools with some success. I had my first principal's visit earlier this week and she was seemed to like what I was doing. I have been incorporating Kodály's solfege hand signs to gesture non-verbally what notes to play. I'm just starting with the first five, and am trying to get them familiar enough with them to get more flexible and even do two-part harmony, signaling different notes on each hand.

There are about 68 kids returning this year, up from 54 last year. I have, so far, 54 new kids on the roster, and have yet to finalize the roster for the third school. We might top 150 to start this year, and I'm hopeful. I'm hoping I can get more kids renting instruments. I've given more info out about that, but am still waiting for the applications to come back.

The Volkwein's music rep who's been helping me with trying kids out did me a huge favor. She left 4 boxes of reeds (2 clarinet, 2 sax) and two bottles of sterilizing spray for me to keep. That was really kind of her, and she didn't have to do it.

I have *got* to remember to bring in the flute and trombone from our house to donate. There's a cornet and trombone also making their way to Wilkinsburg, hopefully by next week.

I am still waiting on my budget requests to be ordered from one of my schools. I have been trying to get this done since school started, when I realized that two schools didn't order *anything* I'd submitted. Of course, the fact that in all three elementary schools the principals, secretaries, and heads of maintenance were switched. Rotated, as it were, and the secretaries were placed with new principals, all of them in new buildings. So I guess I shouldn't be surprised that things got dropped, should I? Frustrating...

Holy cow, is this disjointed. Does it read that way? I'm out of practice. It's been really busy, I've neglected LJ for over a month, maybe two, and I'm just not writing like this that often.

It's frustrating, as I stated before. Frustrating to constantly fight for students' attention, and frustrating to not have what I need. But the support is still there, and the joy of the students' success still motivates and excites.

Let's see if I can stay more current with this.


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